10 Amazing Backpacker Hostels Around The Country For Travellers On A Budget


By Anshul Kumar Akhoury

For a solo traveller, or a group of budget travellers, hostels present travellers with a lot of opportunities. You get to meet likeminded people and at the same time it saves your budget on stay and food. India has seen a growth in hostel culture in the last 4 years and a number of budget backpacker hostels have popped up at the places known for their thriving backpacker culture.
Whether it is Manali or Jaisalmer, Kocchi or Pondicherry, these hotels are known for their lovely settings, stylish graffiti and beautiful interior art representing the feel of the place where they are located.
If you are a solo traveller or someone who is travelling on a budget and is interesting in meeting new travellers, is a fan of impromptu trips with strangers and explore places without a plan then these hostels are perfect for your stay.

Stops Hostel, Varanasi

Varanasi, known as a holy destination, charms every traveller with its vibrant culture. Because of this mysterious aura, Varanasi has been a favourite for travellers and backpackers from all around the world. Stops hostel in Varanasi has been a favourite for travellers and backpackers who like to visit here for a relaxing experience. Other than backpackers, Stops is the perfect place for people who work while travelling as it comes with wifi, library and air conditioned
Website – https://www.gostops.com/hostels/hostels-varanasi/

Destiny Hostel, Jaipur

(C) Anshul Kumar Akhoury

Talk about a trippy hostel experience. Destiny hostel is located in a corner of Jaipur and has became a hot favourite because of its psychedelic art works in the common rooms.
Destiniy Hostel is bound to charm every backpacker with its extremely personal setting. A unique aspect of this hostel is that everything available in the menu is sourced locally.
Website – http://www.destinyhostels.com/

Born Free Hostel, Manali

(C) Anshul Kumar Akhoury

Tucked on the street of Old Manali, Born Free Hostel is the one of the only backpackers accommodation centre that also provides co working space facility. Apart from the shared accommodation, the hostel also has a super chilled café and its musical nights are popular among the patrons of Old Manali.
Website – http://www.bornfreecafes.com/

Elements Hostel, Chennai

Not many hostel maintain a reputation as Elements has managed to do. With a absolute five state rating on Tripadvisor, Elements is a place where backpackers like to return to again and again. The hostel embodies everything that Chennai is about, from the artwork on the walls to the food in the restaurant, there is no better way to introduce yourself to South India than this place.
Website – http://www.elementshostel.com/


Zostel, Kaza

(C) Anshul Kumar Akhoury

As a hostel chain, Zostel is present at most of the traveller destinations. While each of the Zostel embodies the local charm, it is the one located in Kaza that truly takes all the awards for the most unique aspects. Tucked in an open space, one can stay at Kaza hostel and enjoy serene views to vast distance. The hostel is surrounded by mountains and green fields. Apart from shared rooms, Zostel Kaza also provides the facility of camping in the courtyard.
Website – https://www.zostel.com/zostel/spiti/

Lost Tribe Hostel, Manali

(C) Anshul Kumar Akhoury

Manali is a popular destination between backpackers who arrive here
from every corner of the world. For this reason, there has been a plethora of hostels in the Manali
and Old Manali area. During the seasons, it often gets crowded and that’s where Lost Tribe Hostel
comes into play.
Website – http://www.thelosttribehostels.com/

Maritime, Kochi

Kerala is a destination for travellers of all kinds. Whether you are on your honeymoon or someone looking for some adrenaline rush in the mountains of Munnar and Palakkad, Kerala is a place where you’ll find your travel agenda will always be fulfilled. For those who start their travel in Kerala, often prefer Cochin as the starting point because it is well connected with rest of the India by air, rail and road. Maritime Hostel makes sure that the travellers coming here have the first hand experience of Kerala. They provide tours and have specialized itinerary for backwaters tour, Kathakali shows and tea plantation tours. Experiencing Kerala cannot get better than this.
Website – http://thehostelcrowd.com/maritimehostel/

Bunkker, Anjuna, Goa

Unlike Calangute and Baga, Vagator beach is known for its thriving backpacker culture. Being nearby to town centre makes it accessible by public transport. Recently, Vagator has seen a number of hostels popping up as it is a destination for backpackers and solo travellers. What makes Bunkker different that its rooms are made inside shipping containers. Staying
here gives you a feeling of travelling in a cargo ship while the balconies present you with the great views the sea shore and the everlasting horizon.
Website – http://bunkker-hostel.business.site/

Sonder, Mysore

Image Source – www.weegypsygirl.com

Mysore has seen the rise of Yoga culture like no other city. More and more backpackers are ditching Rishikesh to relax and meditate in the calm environment of Mysore. The vibrant culture, food and the lovely landscape makes it a place worth visiting. Sonder is located in the city centre with a garden filled with hammocks and beanbags. For Yoga enthusiasts, Sonders is
the best place to be as location is connected to the best yoga institute in the nearby area.
Website – https://www.sonderhostel.com/

By The Way, Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Image Source: https://www.facebook.com/wearetripsters/

Meghalaya is the land of enchanting mysteries, wondrous natural phenomenon and a hub for budget travellers like no other place. By The Way is one of the premium budget traveller hostel located in Cherrapunjee. If you are looking for travel companions for your trip to Khasi Hills or Mawlynnong and Dawki then staying here will be absolutely advantageous for you. The hostel administration is provides the facility of arranging trips with likeminded travellers who don’t mind sharing the budget of the trip expenses.
Website – https://bythewaycherrapunjee.wordpress.com/

Next time when you are travelling on a budget, drop down to one of these places and have a time of your life. Even if you are a person who is not a budget traveller but doesn’t mind meeting other travellers then these hostels will be the perfect hosts as they also provide the facility of private rooms.