Alankrita Shrivastava

Alankrita Shrivastava Proves That Chic Flicks Do Click!

By Sulagna Chatterjee

Directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, one of the most talked about movies of the latter half of 2017 is none other than Lipstick Under My Burkha.

The movie that was not given a certificate by the censor board for almost over 6 months finally released last week. And it’d be right to say that the movie floored everyone. Speaking to The India Diaries, the presenter of the movie Ekta Kapoor said “The success of this movie makes me extremely happy because the majority of people, including research agencies had told us that the movie won’t even cover the promotional costs. There were articles on the release date with the headline “Chic Flicks Don’t Click”. And here we are, with a fabulous reach!”

For Alankrita, the journey to making her second feature film wasn’t an easy one. She didn’t quite imagine how her life would shape up in this journey of quality storytelling.

“This indeed is a victory for Indian women. This is a victory for their lives, their voices and their stories.” says Alankrita.

Indian audience and Indian movies are usually placed in two separate boxes, barely overlapping. One which is “commercial” and the other which is “intellectual” and “artsy”. Alankrita believes that stories should not be put into boxes. She hopes that with more independent movies, the fine line will diminish soon.

“I don’t understand what film-festival-waale-films are. Movies are movies – either they are good or they are not! I make my share of commercial movies, and I will continue to present such thought-provoking movies too.” Says Ekta.

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The impact of the movie has been evident through the country. Plabita Borthakur who hails from Guwahati says that there’s only one show running in the city, that too a 9.15 AM one, and that has been house-full ever since the release!


“I had gotten a number of phone calls from various people stating that they hope that the movie ‘lives up to the expectations and the hype’. I’m so glad that it has been getting a great response.” Says Aahana.

The movie has resonated with the audience, and people have taken on social media to discuss how the characters of the movie – from BuaaJi to Rehana reminds them of someone from their lives. For the entire cast and crew, the response has been overwhelming, and the entire journey of ups and downs seems worth it. We hope to see more of Alankrita’s value-creating filmmaking in the future, and hope that with movies like these, we see more independent filmmakers coming ahead to tell their stories and start a rebellion of quality content!