Candid Conversations with Ashwini Dodani

By Priyamvada Bagla

“A poet looks at the world the way a man looks at a woman” – Wallace Stevens

Ashwini Dodani – a successful digital marketing professional and a poet who breathes in experience, and breathes out poetry. Ashwini is a man who loves social media and acknowledges the power that it holds. When not at work, and not spending time writing beautiful poems, he’s found with his dearest friends, often talking about how amazing Shahrukh Khan is.

This amazing man spoke to The India Diaries about life, career, poetry and this beautiful journey. Here’s all that you need to know.


Q1. From being a marketing expert to an author. How has your journey been ?

 “Life is a journey, not the destination.” as Ralph Waldo Emerson says. Mine has been a mix of ups and downs as of most of the people because I feel no one is getting it easy in life, and those who are, mostly don’t value it. It was a struggle to first convince my parents to let me pursue Digital Marketing as I am from an Engineering background but now they are more than proud of me for all what I have achieved and received. Author, ah every time I hear this word, it pumps me up. It’s more about the feeling than the recognition.

Q2. Your book “Savoir Faire” is a collection of 40 poems about your life and experiences. Which of these poems has a special place in your heart ? 

 I have written more than 500+ short & long poems I think in the last 7 years and choosing 40 of them was really difficult to begin with. Out of this collection every piece is close to my heart because most of my writing comes from a situation, an inspiration, an emotion, love or empathy. An Ode to Poetry, The First Kiss, Let Go, She, Holiday, Winter and That Beautiful Kohl Eyed Girl are really close to me because they are either from dreams or real inspiration.

Q3. What inspired you to pursue your passion and publish this book?

If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, it’s one of your biggest dreams to see your words in fine print, on paper, that smell of book, the ink spilled over in your own unique language, it gives you another level of high. I think simply put, the want to see my words and emotions reach paper and then to lives of people and help them heal inspired me to get published.

Q4. Your blog is one of the top 16 poetry blogs in India. What do you have to say about that ?

It actually came as a surprise a few years ago and the amount of motivation and boost it gave me to keep writing, be confident and improve is beyond words. I will always be thankful to baggout for seeing that potential in me. It kept me stable and humble at the same time.

Q5. Are you happier as an author or as a digital and social media professional ?

Happiness has a different definition for all of us and both these avatars of me are equally important to me because I am passionate about both poetry and digital. Both keep me motivated to learn and explore more. A happy author will definitely go digital and a happy digital marketer will always love writing.

 Q6. You hold an MBA degree. Did you not want to pursue writing at that point in time ? Why ?

I was always a writer on my blog, if you still go to my website you will find a lot of writing – Poetry, Experiences, Philosophy, Spiritual Stuff and more. There are things we do for the stomach and then things we do for our soul. I chose Masters and Marketing to feed my hunger and poetry to feed my soul.

Q7. Do you plan on publishing another book soon ?

I am on Page 1 of Book 2 as of now. Let’s see.

Q8. How do you maintain a balance between marketing and writing ?

 I actually don’t have to maintain a balance because both help each other. My learning from marketing helps me get better on making my book available/writing reach to better and effective audience and my learning from writing helps me get better on making brands sound beautiful.

Q9. The idea of being an author is still not accepted by many Indian parents. Did you face any problems on the family front when it came to writing ?

My parents always encouraged me by reading what I wrote since the start, they appreciated the depth I carried in my words and emotions. I casually kept talking to my mother about wanting to get published and the support I have got from my parents and family through the publishing phase is enormous. I love them for believing in me. They are super proud, today.

Q10. Any message that you’d want to share with young aspiring writers?

You have made the decision to write, never stop. Like they say never say never, I’d say never stop writing. Keep doing the WRITE thing. 😉