Best Breakfast Joints in Mumbai

When was the last time you woke up in time, or had a leisure moment to dig into a sumptuous breakfast?

Doesn’t happen too often, but for when it does – we give you the best breakfast joints in Mumbai:

Theobroma - The India DiariesTheobroma – Colaba

Theobroma is our go-to place for chocolate brownie craving fixes, and some other baked goodness. It is also one of the best places in town which serves a fine English Breakfast, complete with a fluffy omelette, sausages, baked beans and the works! You can also grab the bacon chip butty – a burger with strips of bacon and chips and lots of love!

Indigo Deli - The India DiariesIndigo Deli – Bandra

The best thing about Indigo Deli is that it’s open all day serving great food! Eggs Benedict – for all those of you who don’t know, Eggs Benedict was the best thing the Britishers did after uniting the world with the English language! Indigo Deli serves A-M-A-ZING Eggs Benedict. If you aren’t an egg-geek, you can go there for the waffles and delicious pancakes!

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Fat Man's Cafe - The India DiariesFat Man’s Cafe – Bandra

It’s one of the coolest places you’ll go to, and that’ll be some of the best food you’ll ever eat. You taste the love when you bite into your waffles and heavens will descend when you dig into their baked egg bowl – 2 runny egg yolks with herbed tomato sauce and cream spinach. That, my friends, is yummy in your tummy. B-E-S-T BREAKFAST EVER.

The Bagel shop - The India DiariesThe Bagel Shop – Bandra

Love the idea of a North American breakfast? Head over to The Bagel Shop to grab – bagels! If you aren’t an eggetarian, try the smoked salmon bagel. Soft, smoked, pink salmon with a generous portion of cream cheese. It’s as yummy as it gets!

The Bagel shop - The India Diaries

Prithvi Cafe – Juhu

Prithvi doesn’t open before 10, so it’s ideal for your Sunday Brunch (or any other meal, honestly!). Try their shakes – Kitkat shake and Oreo Shake, it’s so yummy you’ll even lick the froth off the jar (and your lip)! They serve amazing pasta. If nothing else, just go there with a friend or a book and call for Kadak Cutting Chai!

Tell us about your favorite breakfast joints in the comments below.

Happy Eating! 

Author: Ekevera Sinha, Mumbai.

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