#TIDTravels: Budget Traveling Made Possible With Hostels

By Protima Tiwary

Everyone dreams of getaways and luxury vacations, but one look at the bank account and you know it’s not always possible to take off on a holiday every month. Those ‘quit your job to travel’ articles make your blood boil. The ‘let go, travel, it’s the best way to find yourself’ advice never uplifts us; instead it sends us into a dark hole where thoughts on the lines of “You’re too poor to travel” dominate.


Fret not, because the travel Gods have come to us with some good news. Have you ever tried a hostel accommodation while searching for travel deals? After taking a look at what the hostels have to offer, your travel plans will soon be materializing. Read on to know how.

The introduction of hostels has meant that trips now cost us less than half the original amount. It comes with the added advantage of making new friends from different parts of the world, and we never say not to meeting new people!

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Hostel culture in India is picking up slowly, but it’s nice to see the early adopters taking it up. Backpackers, couples, bikers, foodie-nomads, budget travellers are all variants of the conventional backpacker.

Low on budget, high on life

Zostel has been a popular household name when we think Hostels in India. The brand recall is totally justified when you realize at Rs.350 a night you get a bunk bed, free Wifi, group activities to be a part of, group dinners and a whole bunch of travellers from all over the world that you immediately bond with.

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Since it is a backpacker’s haven, you’d see a lot of travelers lazing around on the couches in the terraces, sunbathing by the pool and recreational areas at any given point during the day. Zostel also organises trips to nearby tourist spots, in case you do not have any plans or are traveling alone. Highly recommended to stay at one the next time you’re traveling to any town with a Zostel.

Stand-alone Hostels

There are also some stand-alone hostels that have cropped up like By The Way, Moustache Hostel, Jugaadus’ Eco Hostel, Le Pension, and Stops Hostel in Jaipur, Goa, Meghalaya, Udaipur, Varanasi, Jodhpur and Amritsar. At these hostels you’re well taken care of, and you do not need to worry about food or shelter anymore. You also get a chance to see the city from a local perspective on the guided tours that are usually free of cost and conducted by the hostels.

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The young traveler today needs affordable accommodation, clean and hygienic dorms, great internet connection, security and common rooms where you can interact with other travelers. And these hostels are providing the travelers with just what they’ve been looking for.

India is a vacation-starved nation. We work really hard, and most of our weekends are spent wishing that the weekend was longer. We don’t do mini-vacations: when we do something, we do it big. We save up in advance. We splurge. And then work really hard for the next year to save up some more for the next big holiday. With the amount of stress building up in our lives, we’re not sure if this is the right way to holiday anymore. There’s been a paradigm shift in the way the young Indians look at travel now.
Instead of blowing up cash moneys at their favorite local pub they’re opting for budget vacations. They’re realizing that travel is something that gives you more than it takes, and they make travel a priority instead.

An Army kid in pursuit of culinary nirvana, Protima Tiwary is a freelance content writer by day and Dumbbells and Drama, a fitness blogger by night. High on love, life and sugar, she is mildly obsessed about cupcakes and to-do lists, and loves her long runs like a fat kid loves cake.

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