Tara Jain

Candid Conversation With Tara Jain


Filled with energy and undying passion for the oceans, Tara Jain lives a life that only a few would dare to live! A marine biologist and a diving instructor, Tara has been living in the Andamans for 6 years now.


Tara Jain is hosting an an amazing web series produced by TheVibe called ‘Away From Home: Discovering The Andaman Islands’. We spoke to her about the Andamans and much more.. Here’s all you need to know!


Tara Jain

The India Diaries: What made you come ahead and host ‘Away From Home: Discovering The Andaman Islands’?

Tara Jain: The creative producer of the show, Anushka Sani is a very good friend of mine, and she approached me with the concept. They were looking for someone who had lived in the Andamans and had interacted with it in a different way altogether. It was a very interesting concept since it allowed me to discover parts of the Andamans that I too didn’t know about and it surely did give me some great experiences.


The India Diaries: What is the USP of the series and what makes it different from other shows already made on the Andamans?

Tara Jain: Well, according to me, the show is a ‘labour of love’ since is showcases a different side of the Andamans altogether. Because it is produced by people who have actually lived here and not by people who have just done online research about the place, it gives a different flavour. This is our home, and that’s exactly what we’re showcasing.




The India Diaries: What are your expectations from the series?

Tara Jain: Considering the fact that I am not from the industry, I really don’t know much about all the viewership jargons! I just know that this was a heart-felt effort and we have loved making the series. Now we can just hope that the audience too likes it!


The India Diaries: You’re also a diving instructor. Tell us something about that side of you.

Tara Jain: Being a diving instructor is amazing because it allows you to get people into a world that they have never experienced before. They might have walked past it but might never have imagined what’s underneath it. I feel highly privileged to show people this part of the world. It’s a way of taking people back home!


Tara Jain 1

The India Diaries: You’re also a part of the ReefWatch NGO. Tell us something about that!

Tara Jain: It’s an initiative involved in the protection of India’s coasts and beaches and one of our core areas is coral reefs. India has about 8000 kms of coastline but most people don’t know about how dependent we are on the oceans! So I try building that connection and I hope that something positive comes out of it.


The India Diaries: What next for you?

Tara Jain: Well, we would love to extend beyond the Andamans. I have a few projects lined up in Mumbai too and I hope it works out! I hope to, eventually spread the marine conservation campaign to the entire coastline of India.


Way to go, Tara!


On World Oceans Day, TheVibe brings to you the first webisode of ‘Away From Home: Discovering The Andaman Islands’. Watch it here: