Candid Conversations With Gaurav Arora

Gaurav Arora 1Gaurav Arora – the dark horse of the industry, as Mahesh Bhatt calls him is a man filled with determination and the undying will to succeed.

His first movie Love Games is releasing on the 8th of April, and we spoke to him about his journey from being a regular guy with big dreams, to living his dreams and more.


The India Diaries: When did you finally realize that acting is what you wanted to do in life?

Gaurav Arora: Coming from a small town where there were no cinema halls, acting interested me ever since I was in school. It was only during my graduation did I realize that it is more than just a random hobby but more of a passion. That’s when I shifted to Mumbai, all by my own. I had no clue about what the city beholds. I came to know about various acting classes that exist and I enrolled myself in a 6 months acting course. During that time, I started grooming myself as a model. I knew for a fact that if I had to be a successful actor, I first needed to be a successful model. I then did a lot of theatre too. We traveled nation-wide and internationally as well.


The India Diaries: What are the most memorable things that you cannot forget, in this entire journey of yours?

Gaurav Arora: The only thing that stays with me is the struggle. Everyone knows that you need to be in good touch with casting directors and the who’s-who of the industry to get work. But for a newbie like me, it was very difficult. I barely knew anyone in the industry. I remember standing in front of director’s offices just so that they could notice me. It was a very depressing stage and preparing yourself mentally and psychologically for this was difficult


Gaurav Arora 2The India Diaries: After this entirely long and tiring journey, how important is being a successful actor to you today?

Gaurav Arora: Ah, this is just the beginning. I( want to achieve a lot. I have a list of diretors I want to work with – Mani Ratnam, Imtiaz Ali, Zoya Akhtar.. the list is unending. But thankfully, my second movie too is releasing in a few months.


The India Diaries: How different are your roles in Love Games and Raaz 4? And how difficult was the transition?

Gaurav Arora: Both the roles are so very different.  One is a complete introvert and the other is a complete extrovert. The transition was difficult but it was equally challenging. “Don’t try to be a superstar, become an actor your audience can relate to” is what Mahesh Bhatt kept telling me, and that’s what I strive to be.


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The India Diaries: How was it shooting in Romania?

Gaurav Arora: It was such an amazing experience. It is a beautiful place. The temperature was almsot -20 degrees. We would play cricket on frozen lakes. I remember this scene where I had to smile and I could not. It was as thought my jaws were frozen!


Gaurav AroraThe India Diaries: Tell us something about Mahesh Bhatt and the entire experience shooting with him.

Gaurav Arora: Mahesh Bhatt has an amazing sense of humor, and he’s very straightforward. Shooting with him in Cape Town has been such an insightful experience. He’d tell us very clearly when he did not like something. He called me one day and said that I was his “Dark Horse”. That served as the best motivation.


The India Diaries: What’s your messsage to all the struggling actors out there?

Gaurav Arora: The only message I’d want to spread is that one should never, ever give up on their dreams. Don’t lose hope and everything else will fall into place.


Way to go, Gaurav!

We leave you all with the trailer of Love Games starring Patralekha and Gaurav Arora, which is all set to release of 8th of April.