“It feels great that I’m still a part of people’s lives” – Parzaan Dastur

By Sulagna Chatterjee

Parzaan Dastur – the kid who gave us“Jalebiiii…” emotion, through his adorable delivery and acting, made a special place in our hearts! The India Diaries recently spoke to this dashing man to know what he has been up to, and here’s all that you need to know!

“Tussi Jaa Rahe Ho, Tussi Na Jaao”- this phrase has the ability to take every 90s kid down memory lane and relive the sweet nostalgia. Parzaan Dastur, the adorable 90s kid is all grown up now.

Parzaan can be rightfully called a 90s icon considering all the 20-somethings today can connect their childhood to the various projects that he had undertaken as a kid. Be it the Dhara ad or the Punjabi kid in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, each and every character of Parzaan has stayed with us. “It indeed feels great that people connect the 90s to my acting. I often see these memes that are shared online and it’s an amazing feeling. Especially the dialogue “Tussi Jaa Rahe Ho? Tussi Na Jao” has gone viral. “It feels great that I’m still a part of people’s lives!” said an elated Parzaan.

Acting was not a conscious choice for Parzaan and happened quite by luck. Parzaan, as a child, had always been interested and aligned towards speech and drama and would go to elocution classes.

When a production house asked his aunt to send a couple of kids for an audition, he was chosen as one of the lucky ones to be selected, and then there was no looking back.

“When the Dhara ad happened, the makers were actually looking for someone older than I was, but they somehow seemed to love my expressions and the overall acting. After that ad, there wasn’t any looking back!” says Parzaan.

However, it was Kuch Kuch Hota Hai that propelled him further into his acting career. As a child, he knew that he was working with some of the biggest actors of Bollywood but he was always welcomed with open arms by them. Reminiscing the old days, Parzaan says “Even today, if I meet the actors, they talk about the fond memories of the past, and it’s a wonderful feeling!”

Acting has always been a passion for Parzaan, and he has been seen both on-screen and off-screen in the past few years. Not only on the big screen, Parzaan has also experimented with the web, ads, and television. He has been working closely working with his friend Nitesh Ranglani, who is a director, and the duo recently released a short film called “Pocket Mummy”. The film was released on the occasion of Mothers’ Day and starred veteran actress Madhoo. He also ventured into theatre and was a part of the ensemble singing cast for Gandhi The Musical. “I love trying out new things, and I’d never miss out on any opportunity – be it acting or singing!” says the multi-talented young actor.

Venturing into filmmaking had always been on Parzaan’s mind, and Pocket Mummy gave him the opportunity to finally take the plunge! Partnering with Nitesh who he had worked with as ADs on a Bollywood project, they decided to finally pitch themselves as more than just ‘assistant directors’.

The project helped Parzaan propel his acting career along with giving him a push into his love for writing. “It was a life-changing experience and we learned so much from it. Madhoo ma’am came on board extremely graciously and loved the concept of the short film. She lived the character so beautifully. She was extremely encouraging to both Nitesh and me,” told Parzaan, who plans on taking on more challenges.

All the very best to Parzaan for his future endeavours.

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