Happy Fathers’ Day to All The Single Fathers


By Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma

Rajat and his father, Mr Sharma
Rajat and his father, Mr Sharma

I will never tire of saying that we don’t celebrate fathers enough. And specially, fathers who are bringing up their children against all odds; like single fathers. This fathers’ day we decided to peep into the life of a single father and his children. What we got to witness was a lot of warmth and love, which made the trials and tribulations bearable. A single-father family has a very different set of difficulties and we spoke to 21-year-old Rajat Sharma to know a bit about his father.

Doing his Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication from Panjab University, Chandigarh, young Rajat Sharma has his heart full of gratitude and love for his father, Vinod Kumar Sharma. Rajat lost his mother to breast cancer when he was only four, and his father has single-handedly brought up his 4 siblings and him. Rajat’s father is a Senior Section Engineer in Railways, Patiala and apart from Rajat, he also has three daughters and another son, with Rajat being the youngest.

“It was tough for him to raise five children but you know, he became the father-mother duo for us. He never kept us deprived of anything. Most importantly, he focused on our education. All of my siblings are post graduates. He loved us like a mother and he’s scolded us when we were wrong, like a father. I have seen him struggle, though I was very young. I remember how hard he had tried to do everything possible to save our mother. I had also seen how he managed to provide us everything despite financial crisis. I was young, but I do remember every bit of how he raised us despite of so many difficulties,” Rajat told The India Diaries.

For Rajat, his father is his role model. “I want to be like my father. He has never pressurised me to chose my career as per his fancy. He’s always told me, ‘Do whatever you want to do but make sure you are the best in what you do.‘ The way he does his job is marvellous. He never brought his office work or tension home. He is my best friend. I can share anything with him. My only fear is to lose him. I call him shaktimaan because he is my superhero. Whatever I have needed, he’s given me. He is a father as well as a mother to me,” Rajat shared. This is a fear all children with one parents live through, day and night. To lose the parent we have.

Rajat also shared his opinion on how fathers are not celebrated enough. “You know how everyone praises mothers in songs or movies (no doubt what mothers do for their children, no body can) but father is also an important part of life. The greatest gift I ever had come from God, I call him Dad. He calls me ghuggi, a bird.”

Mr Sharma lives in Patiala, while Rajat is now in Chandigarh for his studies and career. His father often jokes and says, “My ghuggi has flown away.” Without doubt, Rajat thinks his father is coolest dad in the world. “I wish I am reborn as his son in my next birth too. I can’t describe my relationship with my father because u can’t describe love in a few words. He has given me everything , now it’s my duty and turn to return him a good life,” said Rajat, fondly remembering the good times.

Mr Sharma is very shy, so Rajat spoke on his behalf too. Of course, the struggles and troubles he must have faced while bringing his five children up, without his wife, must be heart rending. We salute Mr Sharma, and send him all our love. Apart from his post graduation, Rajat is a sub-editor at a local daily, Arth Parkash. We wish this young man all the best!