October Review: A Heart-achingly Beautiful Film

“When Juhi Chaturvedi writes the story, the script becomes the hero of the movie!” said my friend Sonali, when I posted on Facebook about watching the first day, the first show of October. I won’t lie, I have been the biggest fan of the Shoojit Sircar – Juhi Chaturvedi films since Vicky Donor (A slight bias towards Ayushmann Khurrana, DUH!). When I saw the trailer for October, I was awe-struck. There was something so innocent and serene about the entire concept, but I just couldn’t point a finger at what was that ONE thing that made it so beautiful.

After watching the movie this morning, I know what made it so beautiful – it wasn’t ONE single thing but the beautiful amalgamation of every single aspect of it. The actors, the direction, the cinematography, the locations, the music and of course, the writing – everything came together and formed October.

“These youngsters don’t know what love is” is something that every 20something has heard from a distant relative or some random stranger on the internet at some point in time. October proves otherwise. October showcases the emotions of love, separation, longing, and compassion in the most innocent possible way. The movie also proves how love is beyond just the basic label that we think the emotion is all about. Love is all-enveloping, and Juhi in her writing has truly achieved that.

Shoojit Sircar’s direction takes you into the world of Danish Walia, and you actually become a part of his universe – you share his frustrations about work, you do the laundry with him, you swat the mosquitoes, you handle the angry customers and most importantly, you experience the innocent love along with him. Shoojit is known as the “Actor’s director” and that is clearly visible in the final product. Each scene and each character has a magnificent impact on the entirety of the movie.

Talking about the acting, I don’t know how but Varun Dhawan has won my heart with this film. I remember seeing Banita Sandhu first in the Wrigley’s music video in 2016, but with October, she has truly proved her mettle. She’s not your conventional actress, and somehow through the movie, Varun also does not seem like your conventional Bollywood actor. The ensemble cast each too has their own journeys, insecurities, fears, and pains and Juhi has beautifully traced it all.

The music too is an indispensable part of October. The “October Theme” creates a different world for the audience as they delve into the lives of the characters and try to feel the emotions that the protagonists are feeling. The entire soundtrack of the film which isn’t a part of the love is incredibly created. “Theher Ja” written by Abhiruchi Chand and sung by Armaan Malik has become my current favorite.

Reiterating it, the writing of the movie is the hero. “Ab usko kaise bolu main kahaan tha?” this innocent question makes you fall in love with the character of Dan. He’s so pure and unadulterated and that rubs off on you by the end of the movie. He doesn’t care about the world, his career or what people think of him. The only thing he cares about is Shiuli, from the start till the end. Every dialogue, every visual and every emotion is so real and pure that it keeps you pondering even after the movie ends.

October is one of the most realistic works of Shoojit-Juhi and it is a winner in every possible way. Experience this story about love and watch it right away.