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Candid Conversations With Sanil Sachar

Sanil Sachar is a twenty-three-year-old author from Delhi. He started writing during his time in England, where he completed his high school and graduation.

Sanil Sachar’s first book Summer Promises and Other Poems’ was published in 2013. After graduating in Sport Business Management fr’om Sheffield Hallam University, he worked in the corporate sector with Star Sports but finally decided to take up writing full time, resulting in his second book, The Dark Side of Light. This book promises a unique literary experience for readers, with its combination of short stories, poems and plays, vignettes of romance, comedy, murder, mystery and much more. Sanil has also been directing and writing for theatre and aspires to write for films too with hints of this endeavor in his various short stories. An avid footballer, Sanil can be found chasing the ideal words when he is not running after a ball. He aspires to inspire, and lives his life ‘one word at a time’.

Sanil Sachar - The India Diaries


We spoke to Sanil Sachar and here are some excerpts from the interview.

1. The India Diaries: From Sports Management to authoring two books, what caused this sudden change in life plans?

Sanil Sachar: I wouldn’t call this a sudden change or a change at all. My experiences built through my sports on field and through education and work in this field helped build my content. I’m still as much of a sports enthusiast as I am a writer and if I said I’d give one up then like a duo they’d both be lost because each facet  of life compliments the other and I am very grateful about that.

2. The India Diaries: It is said that each and every piece that an author writes is somehow a reflection of a part of his/her life. I’m sure that your first book, which is a collection of 78 poems must be very close to your heart. However, which poem is the dearest to you and why?

Sanil Sachar: That’s a tricky question! Asking someone to choose a favorite amongst their creations is one of the hardest curve balls to throw at them, haha! There’s a poem called What If in Summer Promises and Other Poems and the reason I name this is because of the themes it dwells on. We’re constantly wondering about scenarios of the past or ones in the future creating options that might take place however we lose the moment we’re in because of this contemplation within. The poems traverses into this term we tend to launch way too often to ourselves. However, the beauty of art and poetry is that it can interpreted in whichever way the reader wants and this is just one of my perceptions on the journey of the poem. The rest is for you as the reader to take the lead.


3. The India Diaries: How difficult was it to deal with the social stigma that every ‘artist’ in India has to face when he/she decides to leave a well-paid job? How supportive were your friends and family?

Sanil Sachar: The moment you believe the path you’re taking enough to ride the strong waves as though you’re surfing for recreation, all the doubts others might have will fade away like mist. The only person you’re fighting against is yourself and it’s funny because you are the only person who can fight and win this innate war. All the comments, if any, from the side should be a cheer to your ears. Feedback, good or bad should be soaked in like adrenaline to charge you to your goals. My family and friends are and have always been the pillars of strength, walking and matching my steps to help me climb further and I a very thankful for this. My readers and all those who message me are the reassurance why artists need to spread their work as far as they can because each action causes a reaction and it is our responsibility to make it as beneficial as possible for everyone.


4. The India Diaries: What inspired you to write your second book?

Sanil Sachar: The Dark Side of Light was a calling and it is accumulated work from over four years. Stories read, heard, experienced and aspired to be a part of created the content bound within the cover. I have always stated that people are the biggest inspiration and this is because we all have a unique story to tell and at times words aren’t the only form of content. Even a gesture experienced create tales wort elaborating on.


5. The India Diaries: What is next for the 23 year old Sanil Sachar?

Sanil Sachar: I aspire to inspire in any sector I enter and any project that I am associated with. I am currently waiting for the release of a movie I am co-producing, which is called Mantra and is written by Nicholas Kharkongor and includes Rajat Kapoor and Kalki Koechlin to name two out of the outstanding cast of this much awaited movie! I am also in the midst of writing my third book which is a fiction novel and hope to write for film and theatre this year, if time permits. In a country as diverse as India, I hope to share my work with every person and hope to inspire them to share theirs with us. The goal is to entertain, educate and enchant, one word at a time.


6. The India Diaries: What message would you want to give out to all the aspiring writers out there who’re still apprehensive about taking that first step?

Sanil Sachar: Failure is inevitable but so is success and they both are one step away. Keep writing and it’s important to read and know more than you need to for what you want to write about. This not only helps you know what you need but also anything you don’t which is essential in order to avoid adding in your content. Take advice from as many people you can and test your work before you choose to publish it. This will help you get enough feedback in order to know what to or not to use. There are several tricks and ways to go about writing and we all create tactics that best suit us. For me, I write and revert back to my work after a few days each time till I do not have any more changes to make. One more strategy is by keeping your eyes and ears open at all times! Your surroundings are your content and your mind the pen storing it. I am always ready to help aspiring writers in any way I can and enourage them to get in touch with me through any of my social media pages. Most importantly, keep writing and keep inspiring! Never doubt your potential but always doubt where your potential can reach and keep going ahead.


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